Birthday Party


Basic Fee

$60 /hr

Activity Fee

$5 ~ $ 40 per kid 

Party Themes / Activities

  • MoonRover robot soccer game (6 yrs and up)
  • SpaceBot building challenge (6yrs and up)
  • Simple robots (5yrs and up)
  • Creative painting (3yrs and up)
  • Wearable Tech (LilyPad) (8yrs and up)
  • Lego Building (4yrs and up)
  • Lego Robotics (8yrs and up)
  • Super Hero Mask making (4yrs and up)
  • Paper Circuit design (6yrs and up)
  • 3D pen design (6yrs and up)
  • 3D printing (TinkerCad) (7yrs and up)
  • Arduino microcontroller circuits and programming (10 yrs and up)
  • Pottery Painting (5 yrs and up)
  • Big Face Mask (5 yrs and up)
  • Tie Dye T-Shirt ( 5 yrs and up)
  • Art car building (5 yrs and up)


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