Birthday Party


Space Fee

$65 /hr

Activity Fee

$5 ~ $ 40 per kid 

Party Themes / Activities

  • MoonRover robot soccer game (6 yrs and up)
  • SpaceBot building challenge (6yrs and up)
  • Simple robots (5yrs and up)
  • Creative painting (3yrs and up)
  • Wearable Tech (LilyPad) (8yrs and up)
  • Lego Building (4yrs and up)
  • Lego Robotics (8yrs and up)
  • Super Hero Mask making (4yrs and up)
  • Paper Circuit design (6yrs and up)
  • 3D pen design (6yrs and up)
  • 3D printing (TinkerCad) (7yrs and up)
  • Arduino microcontroller circuits and programming (10 yrs and up)
  • Pottery Painting (5 yrs and up)
  • Big Face Mask (5 yrs and up)
  • Tie Dye T-Shirt ( 5 yrs and up)
  • Art car building (5 yrs and up)


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Birthday Party DIY

Planning for a birthday party may sound stressful, but it turns out you can do most of the tasks on your own, and save the money! DIY your own party is both fun and economically practical. All you need is a venue to host your party. Here at STEAM FUN, we see dozens of parties hosted in our space each year. And we have a few tips to share with you to make it a success.

Date and Time

Weekends are popular at STEAM FUN. But you can get additional discounts if your rent the space during weekdays. 3 hours are the typical duration we see for a birthday party. You do get free 30 min preparation time before the party.

Themes and Decorations

STEAM FUN has some default decorations for a space exploration theme, but your can transform it quickly to any other theme you want. We have the usual party supplies such as balloons, banners, and streamers, simply ask us if you forget to bring them. Be sure to add balloons to your birthday sign outside to catch attention and help your guests find their way. You can also do a number balloon wall ( to make your party stand out. 


Food, especially the birthday cake is the most important part of the party. Order from your favorite bakery and schedule it to be delivered or picked up before the party. STEAM FUN has a small fridge for you to store your cake or beverages. When ordering food, make sure you have a vegetarian option, and avoid having nuts or other things that can cause possible allergies. 


We have many hands on activities for boys or girls in a wide range of ages. Not all the kids will enjoy the main activity in the party. Have some backups will make sure everyone has a good time. We have a few boxes of LEGO that can serve as a safe backup.


Taking pictures is the main activity of parents. It’s a great way to recorder your kid’s another year of growing. We have tripod with cell phone mount for you to use for taking group photos. We also have some photo props to create a mini photo booth. is a service where you can ask your guests to upload party photos to a single location. 


Make use of the Google Home mini we have in STEAM FUN to play your favorite party music.

As you will see, DIY a birthday party can be fun and very fulfilling. And remember, we are always there to help you make a great party that everyone enjoys.


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